Sunday night shenanigans

So what do you do on a Sunday evening when the kids have gone home and there’s systems to administrate, paper to work and poop to be piled? 

Ahh, it’s time to crawl into bed with my lady-love by my side, the dog at our feet, a bowl of popcorn ‘twixt and ‘tween and enjoy a rousing, comforting movie together. 

Now, I’m not one to say my lady-love shares the same taste as myself, heaven perish the trifling thought!  Instead I’m informed that I can choose to watch whatever movie I’d like to select, although she does mention that she has Papillion locked and loaded. 

Being the sort of fellow that has to break into song at a moments notice, I break into Maclean & Maclean’s “Papillion D’Amour” right away.  Ahh, Maclean & Maclean.  Every prairie kid grew up listening and loving their joyous tones of raunch.  Ghod bless older brothers and friends with older brothers or tolerant parents.

Well, after getting “the look”, I figure I better shut up and figure out where she’s going with this, because, after watching “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D” (and yes, it was the 3D version,) I figure she’s not going to, in a thousand years, dare to throw another “Sex in the City” reference at me in the same day – not without equal and opposite reference to the aforementioned Maclean and Maclean, anyways.

Segueing my way from what must surely be my longest run-on sentence in weeks, my lady-love says to me, “It stars Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.“  SOLD!  I don’t know if I’d say McQueen is more of a man’s man than John Wayne, I just know that I wouldn’t sit between the two of ‘em drinking a sissy beer.  Not to say I have a problem with Hoffman, mind you, especially anything pre-Ishtar.  Hey - I liked Tootsie.  I was young at the time and easily swayed…  I listened to Maclean and Maclean for ghod’s sake - cut me some slack here.

So I end up watching one of the bleakest, darkest coolest dementedly sick escape movies I’ve ever seen.  I’ve pretty much started measuring how much I enjoyed the movie my lady-love subjects me to by how quickly I run downstairs and look it up on Wikipedia to find out all that I can about it.  I’m all ready to run and fire up the laptop.

And then, I discover yet another one of my lady-love’s deep, dark secrets.

Just as I, to this very day, have VHS tapes that have both Formula 1 and Blue’s Clues together, my lady-love has Tim Allen recorded after Papillion.

Whatever can I say?  It’s just not funny when you’re thinking to yourself, “C’mon, that’ll never work.. What you have to do is….”

I don’t know if I should be running terrified, but I think I love her just a little bit more than I did this morning.  Even if she won’t let me use the term “lady-love”.  Well, not in the same sentence as “Hindu hair wrap.”

But she’s gotta appreciate my tenacity at avoiding that very problem whilst cramming them so close together she’ll be mad at me when she first reads that paragraph..

Now, I’ll be running down to Canadian Tire tomorrow night so I can build me a doghouse to stay in..