Attaboy, Gordie!

The radio comes on first thing this morning and I hear there was one (1) Canajun winner at the Grammies. 

I care so much for the Grammies I’m certain to miss them each and every year.  But I’ll certainly applaud the recognition it brings and I have to give a big cheer that Gordie Sampson shared in a bric-a-brac for co-writing “Jesus Take the Wheel” (sung by Carrie Underwood).

Now I’ll confess, I absolutely loathe the song itself.  It’s all that’s wrong with drivers today, I don’t like the implied fatalism and I’m just not a fan of the ponderous, overly dramatic way Underwood delivered it.  Obviously there are many who disagree with me and that’s just dandy.  I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all if I didn’t detest the song so much.  I wouldn’t have mentioned I don’t like the song if it wasn’t loved by millions.

On the other hand, Mr. Sampson is an amazingly wonderful musician and one of the best song writers we’ve got right now.  The added bonus is that he’s a genuinely nice guy, a joy to work with and an absolute pleasure to spend a few moments with.  His album “Stones” is already getting pretty old, but it resides near the top of my pile of CDs.

All of my best wishes, Gordie.  Keep making me smile out here.