Best. Tweet. EVER!

I use my favourite tweets as more of a reminder of, “Hey, you have to go check out this link when you’ve got time.”

I have a new, all time favourite link that’s really a favourite.  From @Banff_Squirrel.

@Zarquil - here’s a haiku for you: Eyes sweeping the rings / Scanning for orbiting rocks / Zarquil’s on the broom ;)

In 140 characters, the squirrel’s put together a complete treatise on my tweeting.  It includes my love for the haiku, astronomy and curling and expresses my eternal vigilance.

This tweet should be blogged
It stirs my innermost soul
My heart shouts, “Thank You.”

I love the @Banff_Squirrel.  Can’t wait until the next time I get out there.