"You took the weekend off!"


I thought I already said this wasn’t supposed to be a Sunday Night Entry Only sort of thing.  If I get up at 6:00 AM on a Tuesday to let the dog out and feel like writing a blog entry, well, so be it. 

That and my Sunday night was filled between bouncing between Formula 1, hockey playoffs, and Holmes on Homes

Saturday night I saw Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies.  Ah yes, one of those wonderful shows I didn’t quite know what to expect and walk away from happy.  The highlight for me was hearing Andy May playing the Northumberland pipes.  After sound check the kids ran up to me holding his CD, “The Yellow Haired Laddie.“  I love it when the kids and I agree ahead of time.

Ooh, I guess I should mention my darkest secret…  I love the bagpipes.  I saw the band Rare Air back in my high school days and I never quite recovered from the shock that they were really, really good and they were actually playing bagpipes that didn’t sound like (ominous voice) the bagpipes.  Seriously, with albums like Space Piper, you know that they were breaking out of the traditional piping but still retaining their respect for the art.

Now, I’m nae Scot, nor Irish, nor Celt of any strain.  (Well, I’m 14 English, so I can be pretty sure my ancestory probably draws from there someplace), but I must say I have a streak of love for all things north of Hadrian’s Wall and across the Irish Sea.  I’m the sort of fellow that prefers to have my haggis apart from my Guiness so I can really savour the flavours the way they were meant to be enjoyed.  And play a wee bit o’ Jez Lowe in the background for me, eh, lass?  If I’m going to offend by mixing the cultures all up in a slurry, I may as well go all the way out..

Aye!  ‘Tis grand!