The Process is the Purpose

Everything I know about love is contained within this song. 

Some day I’ll find the woman who has figured out all the lyrics, and I will be hers forever.  

I know I shouldn’t write this and post it to the world.  I’m not sure I actually will go through with it.  

A friend seems to be going through some disquiet at the moment.  I find it funny because I’m playing a role.  I don’t want to be the cause of disquiet.  I’m not completely certain I want to play a role at all, to be honest, but that’s the sort of question that you can never truly answer until you’re already in with both feet and stretching to touch bottom.  

What disturbs me the very most is that, probably for the one and only time in my life, I’m able to look at the situation and say, “Hey!  I’ve been here before.  My ghod, I really do know what I’m doing.“  It becomes an incredibly odd feeling to sit back and understand there’s no panic and no stress at this stage.  To use a curling metaphor, it’s a low risk shot, and if you miss there’s a pretty high percentage that the outcome will turn out okay.  In this case, there are no realistic outcomes that could turn out bad.  Get in the hack and kick out!  I’ll sweep it if it needs it.

I’m a fairly open guy.  I’ve been open far more than I probably ought to be about depression, financial hardships, my thought processes.  Actually, I think this entire blog is one long thought process so maybe I won’t put in a link there.  Half the fun right now is discovering other facets and learning each other’s history.  Not scary here, just endlessly fascinating.  

You’re helping me let go.  My blood pressure is literally down 30 points over the past two weeks.  That’s not just medication talking.  Something’s changed in my environment for the better.  I’m paying attention.  

So, go back to that peaceful, easy feeling.  Or from my example, find where it’s effortless and clever.

The process is the purpose.  However that process hits you.