May I put a pinch of carnivore in your vegan?

  • July 24, 2006
  • Kids

A weekend and then some. 

Today was a bit more laid back, I guess.  A scorcher of a day once again, but at least we knew it was coming.  It started off with Rebekk wanting her own Runescape account.  I think she’s officially played more than I have this week.  Great…  I can feel my ranking slide by the minute. 

Kids and I made plans to head down to Prince’s Island Park, hit the pool and kick back a bit while we were down there.  A quick stop for beverages, a run to Chinatown for lunch, and we were off to the races - all races today were from one end of the wading pool to the other.  You’ll see the latest photos in the photo department. 

Not bad for a day out. 

Of course, I am well famous for putting on a lame French accent and cooking up a storm.  (That and trying to cram a piece of frozen meat into a crock pot.  But that’s a story for another day.)
Tonight on the menu, we featured, well..  I had some smokies frozen in the upstairs freezer.  Okay, that’s the base, I’ll come up with something as I cook.  Pasta, of course.  You never go wrong with pasta.  And we have all that fresh basil, and that oregano from the garden, I can surely use some of THAT, right?

Terrific!  My plan is set, we’re home at 4:00, and Google is my friend.  Well, it used to be, and once I start using the word “Ratosfrass” on a regular basis, it shall be once more!

So, into Google goes “pasta white sauce basil oregano”.  Just for a little comfort - I don’t like trying to make something from my demented little mind and discovering later that the baking soda I was planning to add shouldn’t settle with the vinegar first.  The first hit that comes up is this.  What a wonderfully spectacular article!  It was a truly useful reference for one like me.  The white sauce I put together turned out wonderfully - after my lady-love promted me to add some garlic.  Oh, and remind me to crack some pepper over the top of it next time.

Of course, I’m thinking to myself, “Is it okay if I substitute meat in here?”