Vacation - Day Three, Four, Five, Six

Same old, same old, don’t you think? 

A couple things I’m learning quickly.  Shopping for crap is just about the worst thing I can do on a vacation.  I buy junk I don’t need, then I worry about racking up too much on the credit card.  Plus the annoyance that I’ve had to deal with queuing up for bad service to not find what I was looking for in the first place. 

I’m tired of waiting around, wasting my time pointlessly to pick between one flavour of junk I don’t like and the other flavour of crap I hate.  It hasn’t been entirely horrid, but one bad experience puts me off the rest of the day. 

Something funny got mentioned to me.  It was actually in reference to my daughter where she was described as “really high energy.  Nothing wrong, she was just really geared to go non-stop.“  Most of what got described applied equally well to me.  We get extremely fidgity when we have to sit around too long.  We want to get out and do something - anything - rather than slowly go brain dead and rot away life.  It’s part of what eats me away so much while waiting for a Customer Service Representative to finally come around and giggle, “Geez, guess we musta run out of them.  Have you tried looking around the store?“ 

Why no, miss, it appears that I’ve been wandering the isles aimlessly for the past hour hoping I may run across what I was looking for by random chance instead of querying that inventory control system I know you’re using because you insist on scanning each and every item individually in order to strangle any possible gasp of efficiency out of the process at all.  In fact, I was really only hoping to waste a little of my life’s breath until I could arrive at the till in order to pay for the half of my purchase that I could actually find without the assistance you promised me “in two minutes” 15 minutes ago because I really wouldn’t want to dimish the significance of hearing you discuss the forecast, your boyfriend, and precisely why you shouldn’t have dressed the way you actually chose to dress yourself this morning without taking plenty of time to let your witty small talk distill into full splendour. 

Lest Mr. Bug thinks I’m starting to work myself up into a rant…

So one of the things I picked up is a Garmin eTrex Vista Cx handheld GPS with mapping capability.  It’s a long name for a small gizmo you carry around when you go hiking.  It’ll map where you are, keep a trail of where you’ve been and give you a compass to let you know which way you’re going.

Which simply means the kids and I are going to go out geocaching together lots in the near future.  We went out for our first time Wednesday evening.  Record?  Couldn’t find the first micro, overshot the second one, called it a night on account of bugs.  Note to self:  Wear good shoes and bring insect repellent.  That’s probably good advice for life.

So other than hours and hours spent pointlessly in stores (my Lady-Love knows there is a moratorium on me shopping the remainder of my vacation – unless we run out of potato chips), the time gardening has been okay and the yard’s looking in shape.  I’ve got a great excuse to get out there and find a few caches around the city.  Life is pretty okay.  I guess.

Although, between you and me, I’m about ready to go back to work so I can relax a little…