Vacation - Day... HEY! I think I lost track!!

Oooooh, why do I do that to myself?  WHY? 

So the Lady-love decides to go to the super-duper-mega-confabulous garage sale in Okotoky.  That’s not the bad part. 

I, on the other hand, decide that I’m going to go down to the Babcia’s house and wire ‘em up with ethernet cable running hither and thither.  That’s not the bad part. 

In order to do so, I have to taunt myself by going to work to get my spool o’ cable and my crimpers and risk that urge to read just one email even though I know very well it’s against the very nature of email to read just one, and in the event that you actually do stop at one, you usually stopped because the consequences were so brutally horrific that you sit in stunned disbelief staring at the monitor with eyes agape and a small trickle of drool running down your chin from the corner of your mouth where you teeth used to be before you swallowed them.  But that’s not the bad part. 

I even decided that it would be okay if I downloaded a few waypoints of geocaches onto my GPS so I could look for a few while I was in Okotokyo during my free time.  I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 AM, but that’s not the bad part. 

The bad part is that I decided on my way back from the office that it would be okay to buy some beer.  18 beers on a Friday night.  I have no idea why I punish myself so..  At least I know I’ll get to the other 16 sometime before the end of next month.  Just when the hell did I become such a lightweight anyhoo?

As for the rest of it:

1.  Lady-love had a wonderful time roaming the streets of Krakatoatoks with her street-born band of thugs.  She picked up a couple of nifty things we needed around the house.  I can’t quite be sure what they are, but I can be certain they didn’t all fit into the car and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them is Bug’s old chair from when we were room-mates and the “Zarquilian Mafia” days.

2.  Drill from the bottom up, don’t mind the vapour barrier, and let the cable fly.  My motto for a perfect kitty-cat-5-e installation.

3.  I’m still pretty much blissfully unaware of what’s happening at work.  I fear Tuesday like I’ve feared few other days.  But I’ve got two more weeks between here and there.


4.  Took Babcia and Opa out Geocaching.  Hit four stops, found two, missed two, and introduced them to parts of the town they never knew existed in the ten years Mom’s been down there.  I love this sport.  I can’t wait to find the cache with a human eye.  (Isn’t that the criteria for sport, after all?)

5.  Smoke me a kipper, mate.  I’m grabbing a beer, a fist full of popcorn, and collecting a dog around my feet to gather the crumbs and I’m crashing.  I’m feeling a little sleepy…  Maybe I’ll drink half the beer and leave the rest on my desk for a week.  Or perhaps I’ll just open it and then put the rest in the fridge to chill and de-fizz.  Or I’ll put it on the counter and call it American..