A Watery Weekend

  • June 24, 2007
  • Kids

Water.  Giver of life.  Salvation in a desert.  Cleansing.  Purifying.  Requisite for all things living on earth. 

A weekend revolving around water restores one to one’s own being. 

Yet another significantly overbooked weekend that on a bad week would have the lot of us running about like chickens with their heads cut off.  And once you click that link you will know that even mere mortals can sometimes beat the odds. 

Our plan was to go up to Water Valley for their Celtic Festival.  The only problem, we got out the door a little late to begin with, we went north and then west instead of west and then north, and it was raining by the time we got there. 

Okay, fine.  We found a geocache in Cremona and then drove to Cochrane for lunch at Lord Fin’s (caution - Lord Fin’s website may or may not be acting up at the moment).  Mmmm….  Good lunch.  Just in time for the hail storm.  HAIL?  Poor Dragula…

Back to Calgary, pick up the sitter, introduce him to geocaching, then my Lady-love and I are off to see Roger Waters.  That’s one of those tours I never expected to catch until, well, pigs flew.

I’m breaking the concert review to it’s own entry..  That’ll follow..

Sunday was off with a stutter as the kids are up and moving before I’ve had time to instinctively understand the term “caffeine addiction.“  Somehow I got up and moving and we got through.

Did some chores around the house as the Lady-Love prepared to “Paint Green the Wall!“  (Wrong!  Paint it again!)

At the crack of noon we were off to the Polish Festival.  What do you want to eat?  Perogies, kielbasa and bigos, if you please.  Mmmm….  Two days of delicious.  I’m going to HAVE to go geocaching just to burn some of this off..

And with that, we hit a couple caches up there.  The kids tell me they want me to promise we’ll find two caches.  Well, I’ll promise we’ll look for two, how’s that?

Two finds later, and we grab and dash just as the thunder booms overhead the Children’s Hospital.  We dash and still get home dry, on time, and have a relaxed and enjoyable dinner together.  Just in time for the hail storm.  HAIL?  Poor Dragula…

What a great weekend.  We should do this every time!