News from the battle-weary.

And I quote: 

Love your new site son, but I can’t quite figure out
how to send “comments”…and what is a “blog”jQuery15206697855500970036_1309241234665jQuery15207813586527481675_1309241273699
I usually don’t have too much time on the library
computer to figure out what to, so help!‘ 

Well, now you know where I get my technical bend from.  I love you anyways, Mom. 

Okay, I better set some guidelines here, and a bit of an explanation for Mom. 

THIS is a “blog.“  It’s short for “Web log.“  It’s basically a spot where people with over-inflated egos keep an online-journal for others to see and view.  Okay, some people actually put worthwhile thoughts and ideas about a wide range of subjects:  My favourites are political, or humourous, or technical.  Many of my friends have their own blogs.  Some blogs are not meant for mothers.  Well, not my mother.  Mom, don’t click on that.

Me - being, well, myself - have this fixation with the light, fluffy thoughts.  If I’m typing in an entry and have a particular thought on how sexy I look, I will put up a link that will try to put you in the same frame of mind as I was in when I thought of it.  I very strongly recommend using Firefox as a browser, it helps enhance your browsing pleasure.

The special thing about blogs are that you, the reader, can reply and make it interactive with your comments.  The down side of a blog is that those mean and nasty people put links to their spam-ridden, filth-infested web sites in the hopes of boosting their rankings in search engines.

So, we have to have some rules.  You want to post, I make you make an account.  See that top right corner?  Way up there?  It probably says Sign In | Join | Help?  If you want to comment and tell me what sort of fool I am, you will have to Join.  I make the rules, I make you have an account.

Make up a name.  Real names are not required.  Yes, I am using my actual name here.  No, I don’t even make myself use my real name.  I make the rules.  I say you have to have a name, even if (and especially if) it has no relation to you in real life.  Frankly, I don’t much care, so long as I can remember who the heck I’m talking to.  And given that I’m mostly stunned most of the time, that’s a challenge all to itself.

Now that you’ve created an alias you’re satisfied with, you must create a password.  No, I don’t know what it is.  Perhaps I can change it for you if you’ve forgotten, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  See the above paragraph.

Now, you have to give me an email account.  I strongly recommend using a hotmail account or Yahoo account or something other than your main email.  No, I will never send you spam.  Not a single one, not ever.  Nor will I ever give away your email address to a single person, not ever.  Am I that nice of a guy?  Hopefully yeah, but also, simply because I don’t care.  The email is to get a password to you to prove that you are you and that if you’ve went through that much time and effort, you’re probably not going to put a pile of junk messages on my blog advertising your brand of snake oil.

Once you create your account, you can sign in and leave messages.  *Messages do not show up immediately once you’ve written them - I have to approve them first.*  This is all about preventing spam, if you want to call me an idiot, that’s certainly your right and your wisdom - who am I to interfere?  So long as you don’t try to send a link to an Online Canadian Pharmacy which will export to YOUR country (ahem, see the news box, Freekazoid…) I approve.

Sooo, does that make sense, Mom?  Create your account - sign on, remember that you are not the only one that uses the computer at the moment so sign off when you’re done - and enjoy writing about how smart and good looking and smart your son is.  Because after all, I did find my Lady-love which by default makes me smart and good looking.