Musical chairs in the morning.

Bah!  Calgary.  It’s gotten huge, it’s lost a lot of it’s Western Charm, much of the ‘neighborly-ness’ seems to have gone. 

So I’m riding the bus to work this morning, and this woman sitting near the front of the bus impresses me.  She offers to switch seats with a mother who’s child sits across the bus from her.  She offers her seat to an older gentleman.  She gives up her seat to an older woman who gets on the bus just shy of downtown.  She moves seats again as another older person gets on.  Then she moves seats to accomodate letting whoever she ended up sitting beside off.  I considered saying something when we got off the bus.

A tip of the Tilley to you, Ma’am.  I haven’t a clue who you are, but it was noticed and appreciated.