Mother of.....

So, lo and behold, I’ll be double-damned and dipped in chocolate…. 

Remember a few weeks back and I saw Buddy Guy?  Wow…  What a great show.  Let me take you back to my comments…

“The warm up band was, I believe, Warehouse from right here in Calgary.  Which is a sadly unfortunate name because in Calgary, The Warehouse is also a venue that hosts live music.  Know nothing about them, haven’t found a link via Google.  Decent enough band, certainly good enough to open for Buddy Guy, but it was hard to comprehend the vocals and much of it was lost on me.  Professional right to the point of prediction they’d play 45 minutes with a 20 minute changeover.”

Well, my Lady-love hands me a CD tonight and says, “Here, you have to listen to this.  Track Two.”

Warehouse is:  Rick Ware.  Dennis Green.  Mike Wall.

Their self-titled CD recorded at Moss Creek Studios in Bragg Creek in 2004.

They’ve got all the internet presence of Bertha Mettlemyer.  I just like the irony.