Homelessness Resources in Calgary - #BetterYYC

This is by no means an official registry, but rather than just ephemerally listing them on twitter, why not create a list of homeless resources in Calgary we can find in a hurry?

In no particular order, these are the ones I know and try to support.  Any others that I find listed on Twitter will be added, or add them in comments please.  It doesn’t have to be a comprehensive listing, it just needs to be something better.

Inn From The Cold - They work with family homelessness in downtown Calgary and in “Community Inns” around the city.  I’m very proud of Gerry, one of my curling buddies, who volunteers with them regularly.

The Mustard Seed - “The Mustard Seed collaborates with the church and the community to provide basic services, employment assistance and housing.  Together these programs and services work to bring men and women from hardship and despair to a place of independence and hope.”

The Homeless Hub - The Homeless Hub is a cross-Canada portal compiling information on homelessness.  This post is a small shadow, meant to list resources available in Calgary.

United Way - The United Way is an umbrella organization, in this post I am specifically referencing the programs they use to support youth homelessness.

Calgary Homeless Foundation - They have been working on Calgary’s 10 year plan to end homelessness.  My personal connection was they were founded by Art Smith, who I knew personally and inspired me in high school.  Their outgoing CEO is Tim Richter, a man who inspires me today, who has in turn moved to the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

I know very well that there are dozens of other organizations working together to improve their own section of Calgary.  I don’t know them all, how about helping out by adding them so we can all access the appropriate channel to help the people around us?