Mapping out the week

There’s a danger when you’ve figured you’ve planned out the week step by step and it doesn’t turn out precisely as planned.

It hasn’t been just me.  The past two weeks have not went according to plan.  The highs and the lows have both been extreme.  In a world where my purpose is to find balance, it becomes critical to realize that it’s not merely*** balance*** that matters, but moderation as well.  There”s no sense in having a huge positive moment if it’s wiped out with an equally large negative.  Particularly when in the end you’re feeling tugged in both directions and rudderless.  Plans and goals have been spun about in a heartbeat.  I have spent a lot of time re-evaluating my situation each day, trying to see the positive and making the best of each opportunity that comes up.

That absolutely does not take away the slightest fragment of the contemplative week I’ve had and the ideas which have been congealing.  It has simply been difficult to take the time to write down my thoughts and solidify them into actionable plans and ideas. Combine it with a poorly timed crash of dear Firefox wiping out a fully written blog and it’s been a frustrating time to try to express all the jiggling in my cerebrum.

So the topics you’ve missed last week - some of which will most definitely get written eventually:

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Yeah, I’ve been frustrated with how the past two weeks have gone.  On the other hand, I’ve been pleased with how I’ve tried to handle it.  Looking back, I’m happier with what I have gotten accomplished in the past six months than I have in the past three years.  But I could not have achieved what I have without those years behind me.

I have some serious confrontations coming up soon, and I have to follow through on some major plans I have ahead.  I can and will succeed.  I’ve already won, I just have to let the rest of the world know it.