Person lift on offer

An update!  One of the wonderful people in my twitter community sent me to another wonderful person in her community who sent me to the ALS Society who has an entire organization dedicated to returning equipment like this back into use and circulation.  Many, many thanks to Tracey and Cheryl and especially to Joan who is the real hero of this story for doing such a good dead to our community.

Yesterday while helping with Marlborough Park’s community cleanup I was asked to pick up a couple of bicycles to be donated and refurbished.  While at the woman’s home, she asked me if I knew anyone who could use a portable lift that safely moves a person from a wheelchair or bed.

This is a steel framed, hydraulic life on wheels that can be moved around the home.  It has a lift bar at the end to safely raise or lower the person.  It reminds me of a modified engine block hoist.  When purchased, she said it cost approximately $1700 and she would simply like to get it to someone who requires it.  It comes with all the required safety rigging and slings.  She also has ceiling track to care for a person with hindered mobility.

It was used for her late husband.  She is a health care worker, as such it appears the lift was very well maintained.  On visual inspection it appears as new.  She has not had success donating it to a group home or putting it on Kijiji.  I do understand how some group homes may be required to avoid used aids, but this would be an exceptional gift for an elderly individual that needs help to care for a spouse, or perhaps for a paralyzed adult.

Perhaps you know of someone how would benefit from this useful lift.  Please contact me by  email using the contact form above, or find me on twitter as @zarquil.  Any lead appreciated, we want this to go to a good home.

  - Mark