Pride in Community.

I should have clued in a lot earlier in the day that it was going to be one of those days that was something special.  I really need to remember the entire week was a little magical, I just have to remember to look where I want to go.

I’m not going to wax all that poetic, this is a business lunch blog.  In fact, I’m starting at the end.

“I didn’t realize you were involved with the Lions” says Naheed.

“I didn’t either.”

I don’t entirely know why not.  Service clubs play a crucial role world-wide in getting good things accomplished.  Seems to me they were once the staple, and I felt like they were falling a little out of fashion amoung my generation.  I think I’m far past due at least getting somewhat in touch.

I got to meet Tony Tighe tonight as well.  Just for the record, meeting the mayor is pretty blase as far as my kids are concerned, but meeting Tony Tighe?  That’s just about one of the coolest things ever.  It makes sense, they’ve watched him for as long as they can remember.  Meeting him in person, well of course he’s as nice as you’d expect.  Granted, it helps to be in a room of awesome people.  There was a very high bar set in there tonight.

Going back a little earlier in the evening, I was felt a strong affiliation when Judge Stevenson described the Lions’s drive for community service.  I really sensed I was surrounded by people who get stuff done.  Who make a real difference around them.  It felt good, and I want to keep things driving forward.

I told Mayor Nenshi that it was especially nice to meet up with him tonight of all nights.  I joke that he “ruined my life” from that of a quiet, unassuming complainer who did nothing to whatever this is that I’ve become lately.  Citizen that actually cares?  Calgarian who wants to make the world a little bit better?  Sure, it was always there, but it’s only been the past three years or so where I’ve been able to say I’ve made a consistent, intentioned effort to do something positive.  But on a night dedicated to those who really do something good in the community, it was awfully nice to see a friend who inspired me to be more targeted and overt in my actions.  I don’t meet their standard, but I aspire to do more.

And on the topic of friends, my friend Nargis Dossa became a grandmother today!  It made the day just a little more special to have shared celebrating such a wonderful moment in life.  I met Nargis during the last civic election, I’m pleased to say we’ve remained friends and I’m extremely pleased to work with her on her campaign this year.  She’s been a positive influence around me, a joy to talk with and I have to thank her a thousand times for making me her guest tonight and introducing me to such an amazing group of dedicated people.

Oh, and the music.  The McKenna Family Quintet were captivating.  If you really know me, you know I love music above just about everything and they were terrific.  They are so incredibly lucky to be able to play alongside each other on stage and just perform beautifully.  I was incredibly lucky to be able to hear it.  I enjoyed it very much, the night would not have been anywhere near as magical without them participating.

Which puts me back to walking into the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre and all the great memories of the visits there with Mom.  I missed her very much and had to take a breath or three to compose myself.  It is a place for good memories, tonight added to them significantly.

Before that, the community clean up, getting the community association’s computer back on it’s feet.  A day of doing good.  A day of accomplishment.  A very special, important day.

Thanks to Nargis, to Naheed, to Tony and to the Lions for letting me sit in on such an amazing night of recognition for such amazing people.  I simply must figure out how to fold them in with my life.  I feel like I’m a better guy today than I was yesterday.

Tomorrow’s going to be cool too.  At some point in the day tomorrow I’m going to figure out how to apply what I learned today.