Seniors' Resources in Calgary - #BetterYYC

Like yesterday’s post, this is intended to be a compilation of organizations and charities which work to serve Seniors in Calgary.  This list cannot be comprehensive because there are so many groups trying to make life better for the great seniors with us.

Please add your own in the comments, I suspect this could be a list many, many pages long.  A few I considered off the top of my head:

Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society - Frankly, I think I could just go through their site, but that would be cheating.  Go there first to find a more comprehensive list of resources for seniors.
Meals on Wheels - I can’t ever remember a time without Meals on Wheels, in my mind they’re the model of an organization designed to make things a little bit better.
Volunteer Calgary - Yes, I could list them in every category, but they find specific ways to get involved and make a difference for people.
Kerby Centre - The Kerby Centre has everything for seniors I can imagine.  They have to be considered one of the first stops on your trip in finding out how to help a senior.
Calgary Public Library - Search their services offered specifically for seniors and you’ll discover a whole world of awesome programs.  Once more, they’re a source of information, but also a destination to make life better.

My community (Albert Park / Radisson Heights) offers a seniors’ breakfast every third Thursday of the month.  I’m certain Grace Baptist Church offers seniors services as well.  As part of my Blockwatch program, I’m offering Snow Angel service for our community’s seniors.  There are dozens if not hundreds more listings that deserve to be on this page.  Please add your favourite and help me out.