Dearest BlackBerry,

  • September 21, 2013
I’m up early, I’m in a thinking mode, I may as well blog. And with yesterday’s horrendous news about my beloved BlackBerry, I guess I better put in my two cents about the whole mess. First off, and let me put is as bluntly as I can possibly put this, I am not giving up my BlackBerry any time soon. I am not giving up on BlackBerry as a company, I am definitely not planning to go to any other phone. Read More

Introducing the ZarQ10

  • May 9, 2013
I picked up my BlackBerry Q10 from the post office last night. Tore it open in the parking lot in order to view it in all it’s splendor, then rushed straight home to begin the transition. It came with a letter that advised me to call my mobile provider (Telus for me) in order to make the transition. That’s opposed to making the change over online. Great, I backed up my Bold 9900 then made the call from my old phone (I haven’t had a landline in five years). Read More