Sentimental Journey

  • April 4, 2012
Goona take a sentimental journey Goona set my heart at ease. Goona make a sentimental journey To renew old memories. Doris Day, eh? I honestly didn’t know that. I actually hear my mom singing it in my mind. In some respects, Mom and I are very opposite people. She loved travel, I’d much rather stay at home. I love science and technology, she tolerated as little as was required to get what she wanted done. Read More

Renewal in another place.

  • March 2, 2012
I’m really burnt out. I can feel the restlessness. The lack of clarity and concentration. The short temper and intolerance for other people’s stupidity. I’m really, really burnt out. Yeah, you’ve sent me an email lately and I haven’t responded. I’ve got somewhere around 600 emails piled up right now, about half of which I actually WANT to read and maybe a third I want to scan through. Of the half I want to read, I’ve probably got about a third of those I want to reply to. Read More