Colossus loses code-cracking race!

Oh my ghod!  This is horrible! 

Run for the hills, we’re all in grave danger. 

The newfangled machine called Colossus - surely to rise up and be master of us all before our deaths at it’s iron grip - has turned out to be less than the saviour we expected it to become.  Indeed, it’s 2000 and more valves once heralded as humanity’s best hope for peace has resulted in actually being dim-witted and slow. 

It turns out that we may now be ruled over by faster, stronger overloads which contain tubes, transistors, or perhaps even printed circuit boards. 

Be terribly afraid for your souls, and abide the tidings from the BBC.

Actually, take a moment to think that a programmable machine from 1944 was even in the running in a competition to break code against modern computers.  Honey, can I build a recreation of my own and keep it in the basement?