My ghod, I love the pipes.

It’s the Labour Day long weekend and everyone in Calgary knows what THAT means. 

You betcha.  The Calgary Highland Games!  Oh, and Labour Day Football.  But we’ve only made it up to Saturday so far. 

I’ve never made it to the Highland Games before.  (I’m not really sure why I would have, I’m nae Scottish.)  I just have an unnatural love of the bagpipes, a fondness for thistles (ha ha), and I dream of eating a freshly prepared haggis.  My Lady-love took me out for haggis at a restaurant and it was good, but I know nothing’s like home cooking, so she left me wanting more. 

It was pretty cool.  Wall to wall pipers, we saw the Highland Dancers, we played the kid’s games, we wandered around and about the shops, we watched the Heavy Events (Dad’s favourite - the 22 pound hammer throw) and for lunch, a meat pie and a “Bridie” (or “Birdie” if you’re my kids).  How can you not love something that mixes ground meat and pastry?  Mmmm….

Yeah, I’m still holding out for haggis, but we’re only a few months away from Robbie Burns Day.  Photos coming tonight.