So I had a nightmare last night

I woke up in the wee hours this morning in a cold sweat. 

In my dream, my parents had joined a newfangled cult and one of the cool “features” was the surgical removal of their hands in a “welcoming ceremony for our visitors.“  Some extra-terrestrial sadists or something. 

WARNING:  Any organization wishing for you to intentionally remove your hands surgically is a monumentally stupid idea.  Thanks, I’m here to serve. 

So the big woo of the whole thing involved my parents waving their no-longer-extant fingers in the air in a sign of welcome to our alien guests.  Naturally I woke up feeling nauseous. 

Okay, I’m a big boy.  I understand the difference between a bad dream and an unholy nightmare.  I know how to calm down after that, too.  You let the dog out and go watch TV with your son who’s apparently up early. 

I go into his room nd he’s channel surfing since there’s nothing on that particularly grabs him.  He settles in to n old standard, Thomas the Tank Engine.  Aaaaand….