Remembrance Day 2008

It’s that time of year again, I’m sitting at home in the basement listening to the radio and getting ready to pick up the kids and head down to the Jube. 

At Bow Valley Music Club, John Clarke always sings one of a couple songs for Remembrance Day.  My personal favourite is his own “Photograph”, the other he sings is the fantastic “No Man’s Land” by Eric Bogle. 

This morning, I was flipping through the news picks on Groklaw when I found a little gem.  A young singer/songwriter named Holly Kirby put together a tribute for her great-grandfather.  She’s done a wonderful job, I truly look forward to seeing Holly on a world tour sometime way off in the distant future and thinking, “Wasn’t she the one who did that incredible tribute when she was still in school?“  Enjoy your future, Holly, you have a wonderful one ahead of you.