Music to go to work by... The battery edition

A funny thing happened on the way into the office… 

Well, actually, I realized the battery in my iPod was dead about 10 seconds after I left the house.  To make things worse, I knew I would be riding the bus crammed to the gills with Jr. High students and I wouldn’t have the sweet isolation of something odd playing. 

It is precise moments such as these that I have to give due consideration to that masterful composer John Cage who wrote that magnificent 4’33”.  Too often taken as a joke rather than the brilliance of a three part composition playable on any instrument or any ensemble of instruments.  I doubt any is an equal, not even Copacabana, that is so flexible.  (And if you can’t take the crappy sound, but can’t live without the groove, go here.) 

Again, it’s hard to find a copy of 4’33” online, but perhaps you could find one here

On a completely different note, I’m going to put a plug for my pal Helios.  He pretty much encapsulated why I do what I do on this blog entry.  Simply, it tells the story of setting up a young girl with a donated computer and what we all get in return.  Yes, we want to make a living.  Yes, we want to live our own lives completely and fully.  But we also want computers and technology to be available to everyone.  Our world is a meritocracy, where your talent and your hard work pays returns.  She’s got her start in the world of graphic design, now it’s up to her to drive onward and be productive.

Work with what you’ve got and make the world better.  Seems to me like there’s a whole pile of bankers that need to learn lessons from an 11 year old girl.