A quick shot across the bow

1.  Ghod, I hate computers. 

2.  Bug and I got on Blinkenlichten today some how.  Blinkenlichten ROCKS.  But looking for the exact reference on Google made me even happier when I noticed the fourth hit.  Check it out with me:  Blinkenlichten Google Search


3.  I’m becoming Bob Dylan whenI’maworkinondacompooherstooLOHNG.  Ghod, I hate computers. 

4.  What the hell day is it?  Yesterday was “In Your Veins” by The Soundtrack of our Lives.“  Not really one of my favorites, to be honest, but hey, it’s what was playing. 

5.  Today was “Diminishing Returns” by Elizabeth from the Big Rock compilation.  Big Rockin’ going on there.  I love it! 

6.  I tracked down Shuffledog (you’ll always be Zab to me) today and informed him his site was a spam-infested pile of goo.  I discovered his new blog and this post.  Frankly, I strongly recommend his old blog. 

7.  Kick a computer on your way to bed.  It’ll make you feel better.  Unless your name is Cindy.