Hello, my name is Mark and I'll be your host this afternoon..

So it’s a weekend with the kids, Firefox 2.0 is released, and it’s the perfect mix of “something to do” and “let’s celebrate for the sake of celebration.“  And “Lethbridge had one scheduled, but Edmonton still doesn’t.“  ;-) 

If you’re not aware, the Calgary Zoo has just won a significant award for it’s program to re-introduce (pdf warning!) the Swift Fox back into the Canadian wilds.  It’s considered to be one of the biggest successes of a re-introduction of a carnivore back into the wild.  Very cool, and the Swift Fox is a handsome little devil, at that. 

So my poor little brain connects (muddles?) “Firefox” with “Swift Fox” and I think, “Hey, let’s get the kids to make up head bands and I’ll hot glue some construction paper ears and write www.getfirefox.com on them and we’ll throw a party.  Out in public, everyone’s welcome, just show up. 

So it’s become official.  Firefox with the Swift Foxes.  Saturday at 1:00 PM at the zoo.  The Swift Foxes are over at the Cequel Energy Lodge in the Canadian Wilds exhibit.  It’s a little back out of the way, so please show at the gates with a few minutes to spare so you have time to walk back to the lodge.  Come as you are, I’ll try to bring enough ears for everyone.