A whole week of Wows.

“Are you ready?  Let’s begin.“ 

Last week my Lady-love and I met with Barb, Financial Planner Extraordinaire and visitor to Europe.  One of the things I know I’ve been looking towards is a new vehicle.  Bitsy is the love of my life, and remains so, but even I know that when a car reaches the “Antique” category, it’s probably not the best of ideas to keep it as a daily driver.  I have two great plans for Bitsy.  When the kids ask if they can borrow the car to go to their graduations, I fully intend to throw them her keys.  Remind me to wipe that off my blog long before the kids read it, okay? 

So the week has been consumed with the notion of getting a new commuter vehicle.  My lady-love suggested we needed a vehicle capable of two adults, two children and two dogs.  Okay.  I can work with that.  Oh, and she didn’t want a Minivan.  Well, who really does?  I’m in agreement.  Oh, and she was leaning to an SUV.

What?  Not on MY watch, baby!

Well, we came to an agreement and, as is known to happen in these circumstances, I discovered that I was wrong.  (I would have sent you to Nissan directly, but they broke deep linking.  Grrr…)  Okay, I’m a man who can swallow my pride.  We went down to Stadium Nissan Monday night to test drive the vehicles.  Nice vehicle.  I definitely liked it more than I expected.  It’s so nice to have my mind set and made up and move with confidence.

My Lady-love says, “Well, we’re here.  Let’s drive the Murano too.”

Insert lovely hold music here.

Wednesday I picked up the kids and we barbequed some chicken breasts and had pasta.  A harried dinner, to be certain.  Truly, we didn’t have much more time the the requisite dinner and a dash back.  They’re out camping right for the weekend, so I’m pretty excited for them.

Thursday was my Lady-love’s birthday.  We went to see The Phantom of the Opera.  Not that I’m a big Andrew Lloyd Webber fan (I’m not).  Not that I really wanted to see Phantom again (I didn’t).  But it’s an easy compromise to make for someone you love.  And having worked in the production arts, I have a lot more respect for what they’re doing to put on the production.  I appreciated the show and the story much better than the previous time I’d seen it.  If you have to go, I absolutely recommend seeing the current show as opposed to the touring show they had about 10 years ago.  Yeah, definitely don’t buy tickets to that one now.

Friday we’re dealing with insurance for the Murano.  Now there’s two tangents that go with that.

  1. Driving down Deerfoot on Sunday night, we’re passed (left standing still!) by a driver in a Cadillac with the licence plate “CME4INS”.  I dunno about you, but the two things I don’t want to see from the person I get my insurance from is a Luxury vehicle that I’m paying for and reckless abandon while driving.
  2. My Lady-love’s insurance company contacted me so I could see about moving the Mustang over so all the car insurance is under one roof.  He starts in asking a minor question about driver’s licence number, and then goes into, “Has the car ever been in a collision?  What happened, did you hit someone or did someone hit you?“  Well, excuse me, SIR, but how is that a relevant question?  “I just want to get an equivalent quote.  Now how many kilometers do you drive back and forth to work?“  The car is going to be parked.  How many km I drive is utterly irrelevant.  The car will be sitting in the driveway.  Parked.  As it should be.  *click*  He hung up on me?  There will be hell to pay.  I’ll promise an update on THAT situation soon.

End lovely hold music here.

Last night we picked up the Murano.  I have no right driving a car this nice.  The colour is called ‘Merlot’ and it’s almost as nice as Bittersweet.  We picked up a pizza (from Vlassis, Gus’s favourite is one of my favourites now) and dropped over to my Lady-love’s sister to show them the car and pay for puppy poop processing.  Heh, Bud seems not entirely enthused with the Murano - he has to jump quite a ways to get in the back and he doesn’t have a window to hang his head out, but he was quite happy for the car ride.

My sweet Lady-love and I are going to have to go out for dinner now..  I’m thinking Steak and Lobster.  We should drive to Nova Scotia and get the lobster ourselves.  grin