A day of AUGH!

The longer today goes on, the odder it’s become.

It started off fantastic with a beautiful ride into downtown on Earth Day.  No one can take that away.

I explored and learned a small ton of awesome stuff at work.  Load balancing?  Yes, please.  I’m more than ready to take it on.

Tonight I got invited to a ContainR update.    This is beyond cool, they’re trying to create the most amazing space imaginable in an otherwise fenced off, vacant lot.  Amazing.

And then I come home to bad news, loads of frustrations and anguish.  Seriously?  It just isn’t worth it.

Out of my frustration of everything that seems to be wrong, seems to be slimy behind the scenes, everything that stands entirely against my beliefs and principles…  Then:

“you signed up to do a Jane’s Walk, you are engaged, you care, you….”

“The sun has recently set, dusk has past, night shall pass, and the sun will rise again. Tomorrow. Relax and sleep well.”

“I’m wearing pants, for the sake of world peace.”

Some days the world doesn’t make sense.  At the end of the day, you’re going to find me standing beside those that wear their hearts on their sleeves.  I’ll be standing beside those that will say, “I disagree with you, I think you’re wrong.  But I’ll debate you openly.”

I’ll be standing with those that say, “We can do something better.  We can create something amazing out of something that would otherwise be rejected.  Together we can make something that has intrinsic value where there was no value before.”

Anyone can destroy.  I’m putting my effort into people determined to create something better.  But first, I’m going to relax.  Hopefully sleep well.

Tomorrow I’ll create something good.  Then I’ll ride my bike to Kensington and look at a little triangle of land at lunch.  Perhaps I’ll even buy lunch from someplace along the way.

Life is amazing when you take the time to notice what actually matters.