As It Happens - The Remix

My letter sent tonight to As It Happens:

Hello Jeff, hello Carol.

I doubt you’ll recognize me just from name alone.  I’m the fellow that called in many, many years ago (maybe the 40th anniversary?)  That alone might not give you much of a clue, but the next part will.  I’m the dork that began reciting the phone number along with Barbara Budd.  Four-one-six, two-zero-five, three-three three-one.  I first noticed it when there was a guest host (Jeff, was that you?) that said “Four-one-six, two-zero-five, thirty-three thirty-one.”

To me, it will never change.  To hell with the damned 1-866-whatever number.  I shall always know to call 416-205-3331.  The discerning listener put a wee pause between the second and third threes.  And I thank that discerning listener for getting it right.

Now you may think I have a particular disdain for change.  Honestly, I don’t.  Or I try very hard to accept change.  Go with the flow, roll with the tide, blow with the wind as they say.

No, Carol, Jeff and the rest of you As It Happens family.  Some things are sacred.  What comes next, measuring distance from Aberdeen?  Perhaps this year we’ll get a reading of “The Shepherd” by Rinkside Don Cherry?

Curried Soul has a special, recent connection for me, too.  My son started playing flute last year.  When I played for him my absolute favourite flutist I ran straight to Curried Soul.  Moe Koffman remains absolutely untouchable in majesty and brilliance throughout.  The purity of his notes, the dead right pitch and the tone remains perfection.  (If I can have my one, restrictive, suffocating parental wish for my own enrichment I would force my son to play me Curried Soul before I die.  Probably while I die.  That would be cool!)

So tonight, with great agita, I sat down and listened to As It Happens for the much dreaded remix.  I had to hear what this SoCalled Josh Dolgin came up with.  He did not disappoint.  Neither will I.

If you’re waiting for that moment of enlightenment, that sudden change of heart, the willingness to accept change, it’s not coming.  It’s pretty hard to take snippets of something great and make it into something better.  Curried Soul makes me dance around my kitchen.  Curried Soul eases the burden of my daily chores.  Curried Soul makes my heart sing.

The remix makes me a curmudgeon holding out against change.  Sorry Josh.

Eternal love, As It Happens.  Look at it this way, you just drove another sale for Moe as I search for a copy of the original to call my own.

From Calgary, with love,

 - Mark Zaugg