So how the heck am I and what's going on in my world?

Okay, I was house-sitting for a week.  We’re bug-squishing at work and doing assorted release goodies.  By the time I got home I mostly made dinner, grabbed a beer, played Runescape two nights in a row (falling asleep at the keyboard once), and tried to figure out the alarm system. 

Ooh..  I’m a technically smart guy.  I work with alarms all the time.  I had one at my old job, I have one at my new job.  Easy, right?  Ever try to bypass a zone?  D’Oh!  It was easier shutting up the windows and sweating to the oldies in the evening until it cooled off. 

My financial planner extraordinaire ™ came back from vacation and we went for Pho on Wednesday.  Remind me to only go for Pho on nights when my Lady-love is unavailable.  Or help me make her appreciate the goodness of Pho.  (Me, like an idiot, ordered beef balls without noodles…  Look at the menu before ordering, pinhead.)  The kids got the Asteroid (won-ton) soup.  It was a good week, astronomically.

Dragula is a fine vehicle, except it really, REALLY needs to be cleaned.  Something about the “two kids and a dog” in the equation.  Strangely enough, the slob behind the wheel isn’t too much of the problem this time.

Speaking of the Murano, I can give you my first month report on it.  I’m getting 11.6 km / 100 L.  That is 20.3 miles per US Gallon, or 24.4 miles per Imperial Gallon (something I understand).  Thanks to the TDI Club calculator for the information.  Those guys that own TDI’s are really nice people.

We have been very pleased with the Murano.  It’s been great for trips, the mileage has been acceptible (I want MORE, always MORE…)  The handling is wonderful and I can haul five monitors back to the office with ease.  Try that in the Mustang.  With a kid seat in the back.  But I’ll be the first to tell you every car is a compromise and you’re bound to find something you don’t like.  Well, I found it in the Murano.

I don’t like the windshield wipers.  They smear really badly where I’m looking out.  Sure, I can lower the seat with the fully powered controls, but that just makes me less comfortable sitting.  Oooh, I’m so mad, I want to run right out and buy a new pair.

Otherwise, I did some shopping at the Calgary Produce Marketing Association’s Harvest Sale at Heritage Park.  Bottom line?  My Lady-love won’t let me go to the farmer’s markets on my own anymore.

At least we got the canning done today.  Sure, it was a long day, but just one day….