Journeys and travails

I picked up the kids today in the new vehicle.  They thought it was pretty cool too. 

This time, when I park Bitsy it’s a way different feeling.  She’s parked to be restored, not parked to be forgotten.  That’ll take a while, though, until I have cash to throw at Bitsy.. 

There is absolutely zero chance I could ever afford such a fabulous vehicle as the Murano, I’m truly blessed that I have such a wonderful Lady-love to stand beside me - and let me drive it.  (Oh yeah, she thinks I’m doting on her too much in here.  I won’t mention her at all today.)  Hey, it’s easy to just demonstrate sharing to the kids than try to explain it all, right? 

So, up in the photos today go two sets of photos.  The last ride in Bitsy and the first ride in the Murano. 

Now for the NEXT argument.  Naming the car.  I prefer going with derivating the name from the colour.  “Merry” (a la the hobbit) or “Merta” (a la the grotesque) are my favourites.  The kids were their usual helpful, with Frankenstein, Vampire, etc.  We had the discussion at dinner.  “What was the name of the car from the Munsters?“  Uhm…  I couldn’t remember off the top of my head.  Straight on down to Google.  Dragging my tail upstairs, and my Lady-love (who I’m not talking about, but love very much) says to me with that grin of hers, “It’s Dragula, isn’t it?”

Well, there’s the Munster Koach and Grampa’s Dragula.  It’s called a Luxury SUV.  I don’t want to be driving around in something that’s going to put me into a Rob Zombie state of mind.

“Let’s take a vote,” my son says helpfully.  “All in favour of Dragula, raise your hands.“  Everyone else but me.

“No no no.  We have to have a consensus,” I retort, grasping for what little control I can get back.

“That’s three votes for Dragula and one vote for Consensus.  We win.”